• On-time delivery of vendor documentation, engineered equipment and bulk materials.
  • Monitor the progress of engineered equipment and/or bulk materials Purchase Orders from order placement to delivery.
  • We pursue all action necessary to detect and avoid late delivery of vendor documentation, engineered equipment and bulk materials.
  • Review vendor production schedules, monitors vendor workload and status of sub-vendor orders. Anticipate delays and bottlenecks and works with vendor to resolve problems when identified.
  • Lead and participates on telephone calls with major vendors to monitor progress (schedule vs. actual) and address areas of concern.
  • Control and coordinate vendor shipments of engineered equipment and/or bulk materials in sequence with field construction requirements.
  • Expedite and coordinate submission of SPIR form and delivery of Commissioning and First Year Operating Spares.
  • Expediting delivery of First Fills.
  • Providing timely, effective and efficient reporting of vendor documentation submittals and engineered equipment and / or bulk material deliveries.
  • Coordinate and supports other departments – QAQC, Engineering, Construction and Commissioning where necessary
  • Assist in the PO close out process, closing out purchase orders, files and archiving documents
  • Build good relations within Contracts & Procurement and third party suppliers
  • Work closely with Materials Controllers regarding receipts at project warehouse.
  • Production and maintenance of expediting reports and filing system (both hard copy and electronic)

Type of Expediting

Project Full-Time Monitoring

Through the course of manufacturing will be present from start to finish on all purchase orders within multiple facilities in the same geographical region. Various parts may be manufactured at multiple vendors within a close proximity of one another and can cause major delays when some parts are not ready for assembly thus causing an impact on the final equipment delivery timeframe. With full-time expediting you have the peace of mind knowing your equipment and parts will be delivered when they are needed.

Vendor Specific Expediting

We provide all necessary information to our clients concerning all stages of engineering, procurement, fabrication and delivery processes, that are performed on time by their manufacturers in accordance with a known, agreed and reliable production program. Detail reports will be generate.

Desk/Coordination Expediting

Some materials and equipment do not have tight timeframes that require full-time monitoring. This is were desk expeditor can follow low critical supplies by monitoring the progress of the orders. Our clients use this to obtain periodic general information such as placement of sub orders, overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries. Our vendor inspection services can be very beneficial to this process in reducing expediting costs. This allows you to monitor the quality of your parts and equipment and verify the progress of orders with the manufacturer against key milestones.